SAINT LOUIS CC GM-IM Events Nov 21-27 2013-GM Boros

SAINT LOUIS (November 20, 2013) — The Saint Louis Classic, featuring both an IM and a GM norm tournament, will kick off at the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis on Thursday, November 21.

The nine-round, round-robin tournaments are scheduled to be held November 21-27 at the Chess Club in Saint Louis, and the games will be broadcast live at

Hungarian GM Boros,Denes will play in the GM RR.

GM Norm Event

  • GM-Elect Krush, Irina (USA): 2502
  • GM Bykhovsky, Anatoly (Israel): 2502
  • GM Boros, Denes (Hungary): 2484
  • IM Yang, Darwin (USA): 2482
  • GM Diamant, Andre (Brazil): 2465
  • IM Panjwani, Raja (Canada): 2450
  • IM Sarkar, Justin (USA): 2432
  • IM Bartholomew, John (USA): 2425
  • IM Kannappan, Priyadharshan (India): 2402
  • IM Kleiman, Jake (USA): 2362

IM Norm Event

  • IM Gorovets, Andrey (Belarus): 2480
  • IM Bregadze, Levan (Georgia): 2396
  • FM Homa, Seth (USA): 2348
  • FM Xiong, Jeffrey (USA): 2344
  • FM Vibbert, Sean (USA): 2318
  • IM Young, Angelo (Philippines): 2311
  • WGM Nemcova, Katerina (USA): 2296
  • FM Kavutskiy, Konstantin (USA): 2275
  • FM Liang, Awonder (USA): 2247
  • WIM Agrest, Inna (Sweden): 2160

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