Xmas Open 2013 Rd1-3

This is tough tournament to end the year with. I am seeded #20 with my modest 2007 rating. I’ve seen most of the players over the last few years but there were some fresh new faces.

Budapest Chess is Cheap!!

The entry net of my club discount was a modest 12.4CAN(11.6USD/8.4EUR) for 7 rds of FIDE rated chess(game/120). As usual this is a typical bargain in Budapest.

I started off with a routine win in rd1 and then drew the #2 seed Pasalic,H(2272) with black. This put in a good mood and but in rd3 I lost with white against Bodi,Tibor(2105) after playing the opening inaccurately against the Leningrad Dutch. Kiss,Peter won his rd3 game as I was playing move 6-not sure how but he had a big smile.

Here are some pictures taken by Thomast Heyl(GER), a frequent visitor to the Budapest chess scene.

IM To-Nagy Aron(2132) in Rd3.

IM To-Nagy Aron(2132) in Rd3.

Yip(2007-left)Bodi,Tibor(2105-right) in rd3

Yip(2007-left)Bodi,Tibor(2105-right) in rd3

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