BTCh 2013-14 Monday League Rd5

RAC tied the match 4-4 against Pestzentimrei SK(Each team fielded 8 players). The Budapest Monday league offers unrated 8-board team matches for additional practice with the G/90 time control.

I struggled for a lucky draw after I got nothing from the opening. After 42..Rb7 I played 43.Re3 but better was 43.Qh3+ to be followed by 44.Qc8! when white has enough activity to hold. Black let me off too easily in a close to winning position by going for a perpetual instead of my head.

Board 3 42..Rb7 Yip-Andrasi.I

After 48.Kh1 black should have played 48..Qxf5! and white is practically toasted but instead my opponent bailed with 48..Qe1+ and offered a draw with a perpetual in hand.

After 48.Kh1 Yip-Andrasi

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