Rapport-Portish,L Rapid Match May 2014

From Chessbase-Report by Diana Mihajlova

I mis-timed my visit and missed the games and accompanying simul. Here is a report on the Clash of Generations rapid match.

It was only a question of time. To the delight of his many supporters and fans, Richard Rapport, the Hungarian prodigy, made it to the 2700 realm of the super GMs. 2701 might look a ‘modest’ number but it is opening the gate to the echelons of the world chess elite. The 2.5/3 earned at the April leg of the Bundesliga, including a draw against Aronian (2812), was enough to cross the 2700 barrier.

Richie is now the top U-18 player and among the 50 best players in the world (43rd). According to the April ratings, he has eclipsed most of the Hungarian leading players and is ranked second, only behind Leko. At the Tromso 2014 Chess Olympiad, for the first time he will be a member of the Hungarian National Team. Coupled with his youth, charisma and great popularity, Richard is taking over the promotion of chess in Hungary. (more) See Complete report from Chessbase

Rapport-Photo Chessbase byNikolett Penzias


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