Tromso OL 2014 Rd11

Women ISR 2.5: HUN 1.5

Another loss for the ladies. Gara,Anita got the day off.

Russia won the gold.

Board 2:

Madl playing White, fought back from a bad position to arrive at this position after 36..Qd5+(diagram)

After 36..Qd5+ Madl-Shvayger

Madl played 37.Kb1 and lost.


However, 37.c4! won as Black’s queen cannot guard g6. for example 37..Qh5 38.Rxf7! (diagram) Black ends up dropping a couple of pawns.

After 38.Rxf7

After 38..Rxf7 39.Qxd8+ Black cannot avoid dropping the e4 pawn. for example 39..Kh7 40.Qe8 Qf5(diagram)

After 40..Qf5

White wins the weak e4 pawn with 41.Re2 and the two extra pawns give an easy win.

Round 11 on 2014/08/14 at 11:00
Bo. 26

Israel (ISR)


Hungary (HUN)

18.1 IM Klinova, Masha GM Hoang, Thanh Trang 0 – 1
18.2 WIM Shvayger, Yuliya IM Madl, Ildiko 1 – 0
18.3 WIM Vasiliev, Olga WGM Gara, Ticia ½ – ½
18.4 IM Borsuk, Angela WGM Papp, Petra 1 – 0

Open HUN 2: UKR 2

Hungary finished in a massive tie for second.

China won the gold.

Round 11 on 2014/08/14 at 11:00
Bo. 5

Hungary (HUN)


Ukraine (UKR)

2 : 2
2.1 GM Leko, Peter GM Ponomariov, Ruslan ½ – ½
2.2 GM Balogh, Csaba GM Eljanov, Pavel ½ – ½
2.3 GM Almasi, Zoltan GM Korobov, Anton ½ – ½
2.4 GM Rapport, Richard GM Moiseenko, Alexander ½ – ½

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