Budapest TCh 8-Board Monday League Rd2

MTK 4.5-HBSE(Honved) 3.5

  • MTK was short a player and forfeited on board 1
  • Board 2 lost quickly
  • I contributed a win on board 3
  • Istvan Bolyai(MTK) won on board 4 with a nice attack
  • Balogh,Csaba drew with White against a Caro-Kann
BSE 3.5 4.5 MTK
1. 2209 Bernei András p 1C 0C P dr. Hámori Antal 2225
2. 2168 Pápista Ákos P 1 0 p Birinyi István 2038
3. 2007 Demjén Attila p 0 1 P Yip, Michael 1959
4. 1995 Lovas Miklós P 0 1 p Bólyai István 1947
5. 1970 Somogyi Gábor p 0.5 0.5 P Horváth Csaba 1828
6. 1885 Fábián Lajos P 0C 1C p Balla Attila 1823
7. 1794 Surányi István p 0 1 P Szűcs Imre 1792
8. 1580 Persovits József P 1 0 p Aranyi József (1621)
Versenybíró: Örtel Endre


After 22..b6(diagram)

Black’s queenside looked suspiciously loose and I quickly spotted the problem.

After 22..b6 Yip-Demjen

After 23.Qf3 Threatening Qa8+ with destruction forced Black to shed material. 23..Qb7 24.Qxb7+ Kxb7 25.Nxf7 won a pawn and essentially the game.

After 29..bc(diagram) Black has several weak pawns and an unstable Ne4 but does have the ..Nf2 fork threat.


After 29..bc

White continued with 30.Rh3 to meet ..Nf2 with Rb3+, and had no problems converting the P+.

After 46..Nc7(diagram) White won another pawn and was looking to convert the cleanest way possible.

After 46..Nc7

White forced off the rooks with 47.Rc5 and the game was over in a few more moves.


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