BTCh 6-Board 2015 Rd7


I contributed a win on board 3. We had won 3 games when I left so my guess MTK won the match.

The unrated 6 and 8 board team championship events are taken quite seriously and are another hidden gem in the Budapest chess scene. Players can try new openings without worrying about games showing up in databases to cause future headaches.


The game started as a g3-King’s Indian. I wanted to take no risks as in the last team match I managed to hang my e-pawn(I was White) to a simple attack while thinking deeply about some kind of prophylactic rubbish that has filled my thinking process lately.


Black must answer the threat to the queen and chose the unfortunate 30..Rb7?

Yip-Laszlo,A after 30.Ra7

After 31.Rxb7 Qxb7(diagram)

After 31..Qxb7

White took the d-pawn 32.Nxd6 and soon won the c-pawn after which my opponent resigned.



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