Chess Holiday Cup February 23-28, 2015-20% Discount for MTK Players

A nice 6-round Open starts next week with modest entry fees and prizes.

20% Discount for MTK Players

Team Captain Attila Balla has negotiated this discount for ALL players(Hungarian and foreign).

“Chess Holiday Kupa népszerűsítése

Turzó Attila nemzetközi mester által szervezett verseny jövő hétfőtől a Magyar Sakkszövetségben, aminek népszerűsítését két ízben is kérte tőlem, ha jelzitek, hogy MTK-sok vagytok, 20% kedvezményben részesültök (vagyis 4800 Ft a beugró).”

Hoping to see many teammates at this tournament.

Start List(To Date)

Sorszám Név Előpont
1 Nemeth, Zoltan 2307
2 Balint Vilmos 2222
3 Krstulovic, Alex 2123
4 Halfhide, Sebastian 2096
5 Piroska István 2094
6 Trajber Csaba 2029
7 Yip, Michael 1977
8 Bartuszek András 1861
9 Szurkos András 1797
10 Szlenka Attila 1780
11 dr. Hegedus Péter 1777
12 Forgacs, Andras 1652
13 Szűcs Zoltán 1624
14 Dal Bianco Nicola 1609
15 Czipp, János 1341
16 Lakat Gyula 1178


Tournament Goals: To Gain FIDE Ratings, Make New Chess Friends and Make Chess More Popular 

Tournament Organizer: Attila Turzó  International Chessmaster 

Tournament Venue: HUNGARIAN CHESS FEDERATION 1055 Budapest, Falk Miksa utca 10. Tel.: +36 20 539-9209; (+36-1) 473-2360 Fax: (+36-1) 331-9738 E-mail: 

Tournament Date: February 23-28.2015.

Tournament Format: Swiss system with 6 rounds.

Time control: 90 minutes+30 seconds per move.  30 minutes waiting time before forfeiting

Arbiter: Lajos Györkös  International Arbiter and International Chessmaster

Entry fee:  6000 forints for everybody. [20% off for MTK players.]

Participants:  The maximum number of the players can be 40. All participants need the playing license of the Hungarian Chess Federation for 2015. If you do not have it, then you can get it for a 5 euró fee before the 1st round.

Registration and information: Attila Turzó is at your service at the +36-20-550-87-49 phone number and at the email address.


  • 1st   place:  15,000 forints+diploma+cup and medal
  • 2nd    place : 10,000 forints+diploma+medal
  • 3rd   place :   5,000 forints+diploma+medal
  • 4th   place : diploma+present
  • 5th   place : diploma+present

The best junior, woman and senior player will get a present if she/he did not win other prize.

The prizes garanteed for minimum 20 players. If less number of players join then the

prizes will be decreased in the ration of the number of players.

Hungarian income tax will be deducted from the prizes.

Everybody can win only one prize. 

If any players have the same number of points, then we will use the following methods to decide the winner:

  •                            Buchholz
  •                            Progressive
  •                            Performace rating (TPR) 

You can get your prize only on the closing ceremony!


Registration:                      Monday            02-23-2015         15:30-16:15

Opening ceremony:        Monday            02-23-2015         16:30

  • 1st  round                 Monday            02-23-2015         17:00
  • 2nd round                Tuesday           02-24-2015         17:00
  • 3rd  round                Wednesday      02-25-2015         17:00
  • 4th   round               Thursday          02-26-2015         17:00
  • 5th  round                Friday               02-27-2015         17:00
  • 6th  round                Saturday           02-28-2015         11:00 

Closing ceremony:          Saturday           02-28-2015         17:00


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