BTCh 6-Board Semi-Final 2015-03

MTK 4-Hort 2

I saved a bad position with a useful draw as Black.

Board 3 Bokros,I-Yip

My position was awful and I made is worse with 20..h5(diagram)


After 20..h5

White had a think and played the obvious 21.Nxg6! and won a pawn.

Later in the game I was still wriggling around after 32..Rg8(diagram)

After 32..Rg8

White played 33.Re2 giving back two pawns and I was back in the game.

Somehow my luck continued and in the rook ending I stood better after 43.Rh7(diagram)

After 43.Rh7

I should have played 43..Ke5! and Black is winning with the active king and fast a-pawn. Instead I focused on counterplay with 43..a5 and eventually earned a draw.

So there it is. I must study openings, middlegames and endings.

Pics by team Captain Attila Balla

Thinking and more thinking

Thinking and more thinking

Intense action

Intense action

Side view

Side view

I'm way back on the right

I’m way back on the right

Calm before the storm

Calm before the storm

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