BTCh Monday 8-Board Bronze Medal Match 2015-03

MTK 4.5-Vízügyi SC 3.5

I won a lost position on board 3 in mutual time trouble.

After 24.Kh2(diagram)

After 24Kh2

Black should have played 24..c5!-+ with a crushing postion. However, I was too focused on the kingside and played 24..Nh5? giving White the better chances.

Much later in the game I played 41..R1d2(diagram) when Black was not suffering as much as earlier in the game.

After 41..R1d2

White then gave the game away with 42.Kg3?? Nf5+ 43.Kf3(diagram)

After 43.Kf3

The game ended with 43..Qxh3+ 0-1

Not exactly a high quality effort on my part but my good fortune continued from the last team match where I also saved a lost position.

Team Captain Attila Balla was taking pictures early in the round so there will be photos soon.

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