BTCh Rd1 2015-16-MTK

Results-Budapest Chess Federation

MTK III won while MTK V lost.

I contributed a win after misplaying the opening against the Slav on move 7.

Board 10 Yip-Klement

Play had a forcing character which resulted in the following chaotic position after an early queen trade 12..Kxd8(diagram)

After 12..Kxd8

White continued 13.Bd2! and hoped for the best with some long calculation. White is temporarily down a piece but must be careful not to lose a pawn for nothing and be even worse. 13..Nd5 14.ed Bxd2+ 15.Kxd2! ed(diagram) This far I saw

After 15..ed

Now I played the planned 16.Nd6! and White regains the pawn with the threat of Nxf7+ forking the K+R and Nxb7.

16..Be6 17.Nxb7+ Kc7 18.Na5(diagram) The pawn is recovered and White has the better structure with the queenside majority and play against the isolated d-pawn.


Later in the game after 31..Kd7(diagram)

After 31..Kd7

White continued with technical play and played to fix the kingside and create a second front with 32.g4 intending g5. However, the d5-pawn and a7 pawn are already two weaknesses but they seemed too close together to alternate against. There seemed no harm in playing to fix the kingside as Black had no active play and was not really threatening anything.

After 38..Bf5(diagram)

After 38..Bf5

White continued 39.Kd4 Be4 40.Kc5 and 1-0 shortly.

I. osztály, Lilienthal csoport
Barcza GSC I – Újpesti KSE I 8:4
Siketek SC I – REAC SISE 7,5:4,5
Tabáni Spartacus II – Fabulon-Lombik-1st Sat. 5:7
Pénzügyőr SE III – BEAC II 4,5:7,5*
Vasas SC II – SENSE I 8,5:3,5
* A Pénzügyőr SE III a 11. táblán erősorrendsértés miatt jogosulatlan játékost szerepeltetett, az általa megszerzett pontot a BEAC II számára jóváírtuk.

II. osztály, Bilek csoport
Barcza GSC II – Sirály SE 4:8
A. Láng MKKE – Sárkány DSE II 6:6
MTK III – Csepeli TK 9,5:2,5
HÜSI SC II – Pestszentlőrinc II 8:4
Törekvés SE – BEAC III 8:4
MLTC II – SENSE II 7,5:4,5

III. osztály, Szén “A” csoport
Barcza GSC III – Újpesti KSE II 5:7
BEAC IV – MTK V 7,5:4,5
Pestszentimre – ATTE-ARISZ 9:3
Pénzügyőr SE IV – Kőbánya SC III 4:8

III. osztály, Szén “B” csoport
Hóbagoly II – Sárkány DSE IV 3:9
Siketek SC II – Rákosliget 7,5:4,5
HÜSI SC III – Kőbánya SC IV 4:8

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