BTCh Nov 8 2015 Rd4

MTK 6 Andornaktálya 6

The away game required a car pool trip to a small town 130km away.

I rode with in the first class car of Mrs Czumbel-Thank you!

Team IM Szabolcsi,J did the thankless task of organizing the team and snacks and made the extra effort of collecting and returning phones-Big thank you!

Today’s lineup

  1. IM Szabolcsi,J
  2. Laza
  3. Rozgonyi
  4. Vitályos
  5. Tóth-Katona
  6. Retkes
  7. Yip(CAN)
  8. Schreuder(NED)
  9. Czumbel
  10. Kálóczi
  11. Hortobágyi
  12. Horányi

I gave a short pep talk before the match which got a small chuckle.

Board 7 Yip-Malik

I contributed a draw after failing to capitalize on an accidental pawn sacrifice in the opening.

After 15..Qxd4(Diagram)

After 15..Qxd4

Here White should have played 15.Rfd1! with good compensation but went for the more human 15.Bc3

Some pics











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