BTCh Mar 7-2016 Rd9 6-Board

MTK 4-Hort SE 2

I contributed a lucky win as an emergency substitute.

The main drama was arriving at the site with enough players.

The ceremonial TWIX bar powered me to the bishop pair and a nice game and after I could find the right plan and drifted into a worse, and then lost position.



After 18.f5(Diagram)

Black has the bishop pair and a potential useful central pawn majority but now was the time to find a logical plan.

After 18.f5

I played the active 18..Rb4? giving away the advantage. Best was 18..Qd8! to regroup the queen to the kingside after ..Be5.

Much later in the game

After 44..cxb4(Diagram)

After 44..cb

I was expecting to lose after 45.ab followed by the advance of the queenside pawns but White played the unexpected 45.Rxb4?

I slowed right down to calculate out 45..Rxb4 46.ab a3 which won as the a-pawn cannot be stopped.

Quite a fortunate win but after enduring a string of three consecutive losses in team play I started have to win again.


Nice lady in the background with the Hort team getting ready to play us.










Torok,T(right). I keep losing to him


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