The Grunfeld Defence-Classical Games

Some Games

I am having big problems trying to come up with a viable way to fight the Grunfeld so it seemed like a good idea to see what Black is up up. Botvinnik had some big battles against Smyslov in the Grunfeld but also upheld the Black side.

Botvinnik on the Grunfeld as Black

Troianescu,O-Botvinnik,M/Budapest 1952

After 9.Be2(Diagram)

It’s early in the game but how should Black continue?

After 9.Be2

Smyslov on the Grunfeld as Black

Keene,R (2480)-Smyslov,V (2575)/Buenos Aires 1978

After 21.Nge4(Diagram)

It’s the early middlegame. How should Black continue?

After 21.Nge4

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