Petrosian Against The Grunfeld

Petrosian Against The Grunfeld

Looking at how Petrosian played against the Grunfeld was my project for the afternoon. Here  is what I found


Zagreb 1965

After 28..Qh6(Diagram)

White is facing some possible counterplay so what to do?

After 28..Qh6

The area around the Corvin Centre and the Wiener Szalon coffee shop where I ‘train’ frequently.

CorvinArea (5)

Some kind of gospel choir was singing outside today

CorvinArea (6)

The Wiener Szalon

CorvinArea (7)

CorvinArea (8)

CorvinArea (9)

CorvinArea (10)

Inside the Cafe


WienerSzalon (1)

Nick,the boss

WienerSzalon (2)

WienerSzalon (3)

WienerSzalon (4)

WienerSzalon (5)

WienerSzalon (6)

Zsuzsa(left) and Dori(right) listening the choir

WienerSzalon (7)

Ice crem being made in the background

WienerSzalon (8)


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