B-Day June 18 2016

Today I become closer to being an official dinosaur. And again I managed to calculate my age incorrectly.

First there was ice cream at the Wiener Szalon. DEEEEE-licious!






Then some chess and soccer.  I was hoping for NBA finals games but nobody cares. I had to explain The Cavs and the Warriors a few times. and before the Patriots, but no luck.

I can definitely say I have explained who Tom Brady is to one person but that is as far as I got.

Some kind of soccer tournament is happening that everyone is into.

Hungary tied Iceland 1-1 by scoring on a nice passing sequence late in the game. Iceland took the lead on a penalty kick after after player tripped over the goalie.

Some guy kept standing up in the middle of the Hard Rock Cafe and kept blocking my view so that’s all I could figure out. Well, the chicken wings were not bad.



The Classic Rock Cafe. The real fans were outside in the sunshine.

Other than this, it was a fairly typical day.

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