Developments in the Spanish-TWIC 1130

GM Papp,Gabor(HUN) played in the World Open.

The Spanish

Game 1: Li,R-Papp,G

Berlin Defence 5.Re1

White got nothing much in the opening but eventually won a P to reach an equal rook ending.

After 44.e4(Diagram)

How to play the rook ending?

After 44.e4

Game 2: Gabrielian,A-Esipenko,A

Zaitsev Variation(C92)

Black seemed to make quite reasonable moves but eventually got into some trouble on the kingside.

After 28..c4(Diagram)

White is trying to attack. But how to continue now is a big question as Ra3 is not helping much on the kingside.

After 28..c4

Game 3: Borisek-Ivanisevic

6.d3 d6(C84)

White tried to play against the queenside pawns with an early BxNc6 trade but did not get anywhere.

After 30.Kh1(Diagram)

Black has the bishops and the centre. What next?

After 30.Kh1

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