TWIC 1135 August 9-2016

This issue’s five featured games from TWIC 1135.

The weekly updates feature thousands of game and are available each week from TWIC.

Bogo-Indian 4.Bd2 Qe7(E11)


After 22..Nf6(Diagram)

White used a modest buildup to reach a positionally crushing position.

After 22..Nf6

Queen’s Indian 4.g3 Bb7(E18)


After 26..Rxc6(Diagram)

White started well, lost control but was handed the game after Black made a large positional concession after ..c6

After 26..Rxc6

King’s Indian Classical 9.b4(E97)


After 23..Qe8(Diagram)

White followed theory which included a piece for 2 pawns sacrifice. Black could not get anything going on the kingside and was playing without his queenside pieces.

After 23..Qe8

Sicilian Taimanov 6.g3(B47)


After 35.Rb5(Diagram)

Black took some risks to get winning chances and managed to reach a complex unbalanced endgame.

After 35.Rb5

Sicilian Taimanov 7.Qf3(B48)


After 10..b5(Diagram)

White played the standard sacrifice 11.Nxb5

After 10..b5

Later after 19..Rhc8(Diagram)

White has a reached an innocuous looking unbalanced. Find a plan and suggest a move.

After 19..Rfc8

GM Balogh has co-written several useful training books as part of Chess Evolution.



Most Instructive Endgames 2012-2015

Most Instructive Endgames 2012-2015


The 5 book set of best games 2012-15

The 5 book set of best games 2012-15

Today’s Lunch Adventure

I was taken to a Thai restaurant quite Kalvin ter.




The surrounding area

The surrounding area


Coconut cream vegetable soup

Coconut cream vegetable soup


Chicken and stir-fried vegetables

Chicken and stir-fried vegetables




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