TWIC 1142 Sept 26-2016

Some games from TWIC.

Anton Guijarro,D-Banusz,T

Queen’s Gambit Accepted(D20) 3.e4 Nc6

3.e4 is Avurkh’s new recommendation for White in 1.d4 Vol1B(Quality Chess 2016) just published.

Black went for sharp counterplay but White was more than ready.

After 15..fe

After 15..fe


Grunfeld Exchange 8.Be3(D85)

After 16.a4!?(Diagram)

White ground out a win with some help from Black but the start was an interesting minority attack with 16.a4

After 16.a4

After 16.a4

After 26..Rb5(Diagram)

Black is down a pawn and even after ..Rb2 keeping the rook active Black just could not generate any counterplay as f2 was secured very conveniently by White’s bishop.

After 26..Rb5

After 26..Rb5


Queen’s Indian/Closed Catalan Hybrid(E15)

Black played a patient waiting game and defended against White’s typical queenside majority and was ultimately rewarded.

After 45.Kb4(Diagram)

The Q+B battery has been neutralised but the kingside pawn arrangement and now the Q+N tandem has a chance to be effective as Nc5 has a stable outpost.

After 45.Kb4

After 45.Kb4


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