BTCh Rd3 2016-17: MTK

MTK won one match and lost one this past Sunday.

Tapolca Rockwool VSE – MTK Budapest: 4-8


SE Kisbér-Ászár – MTK Budapest II.: 7-5

I contributed a draw with Black but MTK lost the match.


After 23.Bd1(Diagram)

My kingside looks quite loose as White prepares to exploit the light squares but Black has the h-file and a useful knight that can hop into f4.

I had one chance to be clever in the game and missed my chance.

After 23.Bd1

After 23.Bd1

My opponent offered my a draw in what he thought was an even position but some computer checking showed that I was White who had the chances.

I took the offer without much hesitation as White also had a big rating and I was Black and feeling quite sleepy in the game.

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