TWIC 1158

From this week’s TWIC 1158. Every players’ favorite task is going through relevant repertoire games to stay on top of developments.

Berlin Wall 5.Re1(C67)

Hovhannisyan-Pashikan ARM Ch 2017

The 5.Re1 is a very popular way to avoid the painfully equal and solid Berlin Endgame.

White won this game after getting some nagging pressure in an equal position. There were some inaccuracies and then blunders decided in the rook endgame.

After 24..Qxe8(Diagram)

After 24..Qxe8

After 24..Qxe8

The Rook Ending Phase

After 59.Rh5(Diagram)

The rook ending is equal but requires precise handling.

Are you up to the task?

After 59.Rh5

After 59.Rh5

I will be on MTKIII facing Fabulon tomorrow(Jan 22-2017) in Rd5 of the BTCh. Hopefully this will be enough preparation in case I am Black.

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