TWIC 1158: More

Some things for 1.d4 players.

Games Selection


Nimzo-Indian(E32) 4.Qc2 d6!?

The 4..d6 sideline is an interesting way to avoid the massive theory of the main lines.

After 18-Kh1(Diagram)

White took some liberties with the odd Qc1  retreat and then 18.Kh1 just invited a massive attack. The remainder of the game was a comedy  errors though.

After 18.Kh1

After 18.Kh1


Open Catalan 8.a4(E05)

After 15..Ra8(Diagram)

White has the bishops and a nice pawn centre. White is the plan now?

After 15..Ra8

After 15..Ra8

Martinez-Granda Zuniga

Queen’s Indian 4.g3 Ba6(E15)

After 21..Qc6(Diagram)

White lasted until deep into the ending when the losing blunder was made but certainly had chances in the early going.

After 21..Qc6

After 21..Qc6

Endgame Phase

After 32.Ke2(Diagram)

Black ground out a win by keeping the pressure up.

After 32.Ke2

After 32.Ke2

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