TWIC 1169 March 4 2017

This weeks TWIC game findings from TWIC.


Queen’s Indian Defence 4.g3 Ba6 5.Nbd2

After 27..Qc8(diagram)

White ducked a massive theory battle with 5.Nbd2 and got a structural advantage.

After 27..Qc8


Nimzo-Indian 4.Qc2 0-0 5.e4 d6 Central Variation

After 13..Bd7(Diagram)

The critical point arrives quite early as White prepared a quick kingside attack. Black sent his knights to the queenside to attack the doubled c-pawns which gave White a chance to sharpen the plan.

After 13..Bd7



King’s Indian g3 6..Nc6

After 17..Ng4(Diagram)

The game left big theory quite early and Black fell behind in development. How should White press his slight advantage in development.

After 17..Ng4



Closed Spanish Breyer Variation(C95)

After 27..Rc7(diagram)

White built up a strong attacking position on the kingside with ease, but I don’t understand the final result 0-1. The closed queenside and offside Na5 is no help to Black.

After 27..Rc7


Berlin Endgame(C67)

After 20.Nxd4(diagram)

Black got good chances out of thin air in a typical endgame.

After 20.Nxd4


Slow Italian Game

The c3,d3 buildup is very popular now. White went for the quick Nf1-g3 and delayed castling which was nicely met with ..d6-d5 and Black was fine.

After 15.Nhf5(diagram)

The centre is open and the d3-pawn is an easy target so there is no clear strategic justification for why a kingside attack should be successful that I can see.

After 15.Nhf5

After 22.Rae1(diagram)

White tried a to force a kingside attack but was met with classical central play.

After 22.Rae1

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