TWIC 1170 April 11,2017

Highlights from TWIC 1170 from TWIC.


Grunfeld Defence Be3 Exchange Variation(D85)

After 21..Re8(Diagram)

The Bb2 was out of play in this topical line of the Grunfeld.

After 21..Re8


Bogo-Indian Defence 4.Bd2 Qe7(E11)

After 45..Rd8(Diagram)

How to exploit the massive positional bind?

After 45..Rd8

Can-Anton Guijarro

Queen’s Indian 8.Bd2(E18)

After 29..b5(Diagram)

Black was comfortably equal but the game became exiting after a series of mutual mistakes.

After 29..b5


King’s Indian Saemisch 6..Nc6(E84)

After 20..e5(Diagram)

White to do about the mutually hanging pieces?

After 20..e5




After 23..Nh7(Diagram)

White built up a typical attack against the loose kingside structure.

After 23..Nh7



Spanish Yates Variation(C91)

After 20..Qg5(Diagram)

White got a strong position right out of the opening with seemingly no effort.

After 20..Qg5

After 49.f4(Diagram)

Converting the extra pawn proved to be difficult.

Black to play and defend.

After 49.f4

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