TWIC 1172-The Grunfeld Defence

Trying to Kill the Grunfeld

This the perpetual task of 1.d4 players, trying to get something against the Grunfeld.

Game 1: Korobov-Rodshtein

g3 Solid Line(D78)

After 27..Rfc7(Diagram)

White did not get anything special from the opening but managed to grind out an endgame win.

After 27..Rfc7

Game 2: Yu Yangyi-Cawdery

4.Bg5 Ne4(D80)

After 20..b5(Diagram)

The endgame was again the decisive battleground.

After 20..b5

Game 3: Leitao-Cawdery

4.Bf4 Bg7 5.e3

After 27..Kg7(Diagram)

Black chose the wrong plan in the middlegame and was in trouble.

No hints this time.

After 27..Kg7

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