Painful Repair Work June 24-2017

I usually work quite hard but have gotten away from checking my own games in enough detail lately and drawing correct conclusions from mistakes made. Re-living painful losses is not much fun but I have lost around 45 elo points in my last two tournaments so again, I have to conclude that something is not right and must be fixed.

Here is the result of Saturday evening’s work.


June Art Pub Open 2017

Rossolimo Sicilian 3..d6

After 16.Nc3(Diagram)

Black must find a good  plan now. I failed to do this in the game.

After 16.Nc3

After 18.Rxd6(Diagram)

Black is committed to taking on e4 but which way is correct? I chose the wrong way in the game.

After 18.Rxd6

Little helper(left). Black to play and win.


I need all the help I can get

Practice makes perfect 🙂

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