TWIC 1185 July 25-2017

Lots of new material in this week’s TWIC issue 1185.

The Hyper Accelerated and Accelerated Dragon

Selected games.

Game 1: Kislinsky Vorobiov

After 12.0-0(Diagram)

Black is uncastled and behind in development but White is the one with problems.

After 12.0-0

Game 2: Solodovnichenko-Bogdanovich,S

After 15.Nd5(Diagram)

The idea of ..Rfc8 was ..Be8 to secure the kingside without trapping the Rf8(compared to ..Rac8).

Find the right plan for Black.

After 15.Nd5

Game 3: Vocaturo-Colpe

The Panjwani System 8..a6 continues to hold up well. White introduced 12.Bc5N which was overly convincing even though White managed to win the game.

After 14.Qf3(Diagram)

White seems to have some pressure on the queenside with the Bc5 looking imposing.

What should Black do now?

After 14.Qf3

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