TWIC 1188-King’s Indian(Part 2)

More King’s Indian games.

Game 1: Tang-Kovchan

Anti-Grunfeld 3.f3 Nc6(D70)

Riga Tech Open A 2017

After 16.Qd2(Diagram)

White’s latest wrinkle in Kotronias KID theory proved to be harmless after some logical play by Black. Kotronias mentioned 16.Qe1 in his series

After 16.Qd2

Game 2: Bruzon Batista-Cuenca Jimenez

g3 Panno 8.Bf4(E63)

ch-ESP Rapid 2017

The 8.Bf4 line is a nice way to meet the Panno plan ..a6,Rb8,..b5.

After 18..Ne7(Diagram)

White got a nice position and a chance to get a nice bind.

After 18..Ne7

Game 3: Sulskis-Onischuk

Riga Tech Open A 2017

5.Be2/6.Be3 Classical(E70)

After 15.0-0(Diagram)

The not quite an Averbakh(6.Bg5) with 6.Be3 is a very popular line. The early 7.h4 plan was not followed up sufficiently energeticall and Black was fine.

After 15.0-0

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