BTCh 6-Board 2017-18 Rd1 Oct 9-2017

MTK 4.5-Sztaki 1,5

The unrated Monday Team events are great for getting extra practice, and I need all I can get.

I went with TWIX over Snickers again and the twin towers of chocolate and caramel were the difference.

I won on board 2. Boards 1,3 were quick draws.


Vienna Gambit 2..Nf6 3.f4

The opening was a surprise as early as move 3 as my empty mind drew a blank and I had to improvise but it seemed like my opponent was of a similar mindset. At some point I was given an exchange and a winning position which I misplayed on the way to a win in the endgame.

After 37.Ke4(Diagram)

I calculated to here previously and had something in mind and then after a double-check of the line things looked pretty good.

Black has a hanging rook and the passed e,f pawns look quite dangerous.

After 37.Ke4

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