TWIC 1196 Open Games/Nimzo-Indian

Open Games

Game 1: Kovchan-Gasanov

Scotch Four Knights

ch-UKR Semi-Final 2017

After 14..cxd(Diagram)

White has the better structure and has an active Re3.

How should White proceed?

After 14..cxd

Game 2: Mamedov-Sepp

Berlin Endgame(C67)

33rd ECC Open 2017

After 17.f3(Diagram)

Black used a typical plan to get equal play but later lost by making an unnecessary pawn gift.

After 17.f3

The Berlin Defence



4.Qc2 b6(E32)

33rd ECC Open 2017

Position 1

After 10..0-0(Diagram)

Black initiated sharp play right out of the opening and is hoping to catch White uncastled. But it is White’s turn and each move is worth its weight in gold.

How should White continue?

After 10..0-0

Position 2

Later in the game the following sharp position arose after 16..b5(Diagram)

Black offers a pawn to open up queenside files to get at White’s king. How should White respond?

After 16..b5


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