TWIC 1200 Catalan Opening

Selected Catalan games


Open Catalan 5..a6 6.0-0 Nc6

21st European Teams rd8

After 20.Bxc7(Diagram)

Black is a pawn down. How should the defence be conducted?

After 20.Bxc7


Open Catalan 5..c5,6..Nc6

21st European Teams rd9

After 37..Ra8(Diagram)

White needs to do something otherwise ..a5-a4 etc is coming.

What do you recommend?

After 37..Ra8


Open Catalan 7.Qc2 b6

21st European Teams rd8

After 15..ed(Diagram)

Black got into trouble early by unnecessarily allowing Nc6 and made matters worse with a bad pawn sacrifice.

White is two pawns up and looking to cash in for the full point. What do you suggest?

After 15..ed

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