BTCh 6-Board Rd3 Nov 13-2017


I lost another team game. There was no team choci this round but my form has been a bit off this weekend. At least the Patriots won.

Hort 1.5-MTK 4.5

We won but not because of my play. Thanks Tamas for the results.



My opponent repeated the same opening and I complied with the same defence but the result was much different from the previous season.

After 15.Qe5(Diagram)

I was optimistic here and played for the attack.

What do you recommend for Black?

After 15.Qe5


Acting Captain TG doing paperwork


Inside the Hort Club


Favorite sweater but maybe time to go shopping


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  1. white was threatening checkmate. and despite the king being still in the middle, his bishops are very mobile. black’s pieces on the Q-side r undeveloped yet.
    first i would have taken on e5, then ..Re8, nullifying white’s initiative. even if Black can’t win the bishop, he can gain time to develop the Q-side.

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