TWIC 1204 Dec 5-2017 Open Games

Spanish Opening

Selected Games


Berlin Defence

ch-RUS Rapid GP Final

After 41..Ne3(Diagram)

White seems to well positioned to support the passed b-pawn.  Passed must be pushed right?

What do recommend for White?

After 41..Ne3


CNE ch-NED Rapid 2017

Yates Variation 9.d4(C91)

After 21.Bd3(Diagram)

Black has reached a complex middlegame which looks roughly equal.

What do you recommend for Black now?

After 21.Bd3


Smeets-Van den Doel

CNE ch-NED Rapid 2017

Breyer Variation(C95) 11.c4

After 31..Nf8(Diagram)

The Bh2 is very passive and Black controls a lot of central space.

What do you recommend for White now?

After 31..Nf8

Ntirlis recommends the Spanish Breyer


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