Metlife Open 2017

Selected games from the MetLife Open

My result was good but I have been a bit lazy for a while not looking so deeply at my own games.

I was reading a bit of Thinking Inside the Box this morning… now it is time to get back to slightly harder work

Chapter 13 Analyze Your Own Games has some inspirational words of wisdom


Nimzo-Indian 4.a3

After 34.e3(Diagram)

This was my best game of the tournament.

Black has an extra pawn and is moving in for the kill.

What do you recommend for Black?

After 34.e3


Double Fianchetto Defence

After 26..Bf8(Diagram)

White has the b-file and the light squares on the b1-h7 diagonal

White do you recommend for White?

After 26..Bf8


Italian Game

After 17..Rad8(Diagram)

This was my worst game.  My wins are for showing off but this is the one I must work on lots as I offered no resistance played like a beginner.

What do you recommend for White?

After 17..Rad8

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