TWIC 1221 Hungarians in Action

TWIC 1221 is now available

Selected games


Najdorf Sicilian 6.Bg5 Poisoned Pawn with ..h6

GRENKE Chess Open 2018 rd7

After 24..Nxe5(Diagram)

This position is still theory.

Negi proposes is his repertoire book but Papp had his own ideas

The ending was tense and Black later blundered a pawn and  lost

After 24..Nxe5

Photo from Official site

GM Papp,G(HUN) playing the eventual winner


Scotch Mieses 8..Nb6

GRENKE Chess Open 2018 rd3

After 29..b5(Diagram)

Black achieved a stable position after the opening and slowly took over in a complex ending

The passed a-pawn looks rather dangerous

What to do recommend for Black now?

After 29.Rb5


Queen’s Indian Defence 4.g3 Ba6 5.Qa4

19th ch-EUR Indiv 2018

After 30.Ng2(Diagram)

White was slowly outplayed without really making any big mistakes.

What do you recommend for Black?

After 30.Ng2


Queen’s Indian Defence

GRENKE Chess Open 2018 rd4 

After 23.Nb5(Diagram)

White has more space. Black has the bishops and the move

What do you recommend for Black? It’s more about the plan and the position.

There is more than one good move here

After 23.Nb5

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