TWIC 1221 King’s Indian

Selected games

Checking the King’s Indian Defence translates into keeping up with Kotronias and his massive 5-volume series on the popular defence.

Here are this week’s findings:


Saemish 6.Be3 e5

GRENKE Chess Open 2018 rd4

Here is a nice example of squeezing something from nothing (with a bit of help from the opponent)

After 29.Kc1(Diagram)

The structure is symmetrical and yet Black is pressing

What do you recommend for Black?

After 29.Kc1


Makoganov 6.h3 e5

TV2 Fagernes GM Open 2018 rd7

After 22.Qxf3(Diagram)

Black had earlier made a positional exchange sacrifice and is now looking for active play as compensation. The bishops proved to be very useful

What do you recommend for Black?

After 22.Qxf3


GRENKE Chess Open 2018 rd8

Be2 e3-Poison Variation

Here is a case of the poisoner being poisoned. Smith recommends a host of lines featuring the modest e3 in e3-Poison(Quality Chess 2017)

After 25.Rfd1(Diagram)

Black is more active and is dominating key files and diagonals

What do you recommend for Black?

After 25.Rfd1



GRENKE Chess Classic 2018 rd2

After 23..Nd7(Diagram)

White has a fabulous position.

Suggest the winning plan and the moves will follow.

After 23..Nd7

Ma Qun-Clarke

Saemisch 6.Be3 c5 7.dc dc Endgame variation

O2C Doeberl Cup 2018 rd6

After 29..Kh6(Diagram)

Black has taken the death walk with his king(hint!)

What do you recommend for White?

After 29..Kh6



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