New Books May 29-2018

Available now from New in Chess

Strategic Chess Exercises-GM Bricard,E

90 exercises

  • 1-62 Middlegame
  • 63-90 Endgame
  • Index of themes
  • Index of players


The solutions give all the moves to the game.

I tried 4 middlegame and 2 endgame exercises today

The solutions have plenty of word explanations and have variations to back them up

The exercise positions come from old and not well known games

There are only 90 exercise so I would have been happier with more.

There is no scoring system so readers cannot gauge their progress or level

Exercise 1


Havanna 1967

After 17.Nc3(Diagram)

What plan leads to a large black advantage?

After 17.Nc3

I got the first move(s) and the plan correct but not the finer details. For this exercise I would have scored 2 out 5 pts(2.5 at the maximum) but there is no scoring system.

I like this book and rate it ***(good) out of 5

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