Candidate Moves-Bauer,C

Candidate Moves-Bauer(Thinkers Publishing 2018)

This is a collection of Bauer’s games but with the original twist being that each game is annotated twice-once from each side’s point of view

The games I have been through so far are quite hard to follow and require patient work to go through the comments.

The title of the book really has nothing much to do with the content.


I suppose you could read this book for fun but it is better suited to those who want to work seriously on gaining a deeper understanding.


From Chapter 4-Quieter Games


Bauer-Alonso Rosell

Caro-Kann 3.f3

Cannes 2011

After 17..h5(Diagram)

Black is caught with his king in the centre and lags in development. White is clearly trying to force the issue

What do you recommend for Black?

After 17.h5

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