New Books July 2018

The Modernized Caro-Kann-Fernandez,D

A really fabulous book and a must have for Caro-Kann addicts and I suspect 1.e4 players

4..Nd7 gets new life and all facets of the defence get a good going over.

The format is the normal variation tree with excellent explanations as opposed to long engine lines

I saw four complete games(so far) but I am starting from the back.


Play the Semi-Tarrasch Part I and Part II

Part I covers the proper Semi-Tarrasch(D41)

  • 54 games
  • 2 chapters
  • There is a brief discussion of important structures included with chapter 1


Part II covers IQP Semi-Tarrasch

  • 57 games
  • 6 chapters
  • chapters 2+3 have discussions of key structures
  • game 43 is given as Gulko-Kaidanov Niksic 1978(my DB has the game as played in Key West 1994)
  • game 51 Olsen-Sokolov,I VISA GP 1798(1998 is correct year)


Both books have detailed table of contents but otherwise there is no games list/index

The absence of variation trees makes it hard to figure out just what the actual lines are.

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