The Woodpecker Method

The Woodpecker Method is the name given by Axel Smith to a training system developed by his compatriot and co-author Hans Tikkanen. After training with his method in 2010, Tikkanen achieved three GM norms within a seven-week period.

The quick explanation of the Woodpecker Method is that you need to solve a large number of puzzles in a row; then solve the same puzzles again and again, only faster. It’s not a lazy shortcut to success – hard work is required. But the reward can be re-programming your unconscious mind. Benefits include sharper tactical vision, fewer blunders, better play when in time trouble and improved intuition.



  • ch1 Easy 222 exercises
  • ch2 Intermediate 762 exercises
  • ch3 Advanced 144 exercises



Set:  The exercises you will solve before starting again

Cycle: One round of solving the set

Step 1-solves as many exercises as possible in 4 weeks. This is your set and solving them ends the first cycle

Step 2-take a break for at least one day

Step 3-Cycle 2 is repeat the same exercises but faster with 2 weeks being the goal

Step 4-repeats steps 2 and 3 but halving the solving time each time

Step 5-the Woodpecker Method has been completed when the full set of exercises has been solved in one day


I need to take a break after the Budapest Open before starting Project Woodpecker

Woodpecker and friend

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