TWIC 1250 Positional Play

Central Pawn Play

Everyone knows to control the centre. A pawn majority can be useful for this task. Here are a couple of nice examples of central play

Selected games

Example 1



34th ECC Open 2018 Rd6

After 21..Ra6(Diagram)

White has a central majority, the Nc4 is on a fine outpost and keeps Ra6 passive while the Na8 is looking silly. But now what? All Black’s weaknesses are covered(a6,d6) so there is just more space and more active pieces

What do you recommend for White?

After 21..Na6

Example 2

Granda Zuniga-Pichot


Liga Nacional Superior Rd6

After 26..Ba6(Diagram)

White has a central majority in a materially equal ending

What do you recommend for White?

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