TWIC 1253 Sicilian Taimanov and Kan

Here are a couple of key games in the Taimanov/Kan complex

Selected games

The Kan 7.Be2

7.Be2 is recommended by Kotronias and Semkov in Attacking the Flexible Sicilian. White keeps the d-file clear and keeps the Qd3 queen lift to the kingside idea in mind



Sicilian Kan 7.Be2 b6

Bundesliga 2018-19 rd2

After 31..Rxc4(Diagram)

Black is holding the position with active rooks and a dark square blockade with pressure on e4 and g5

What do you recommend for White?

After 31..Rxc4


The Taimanov 7.Qf3 Queen Transfer Variation

7.Qf3 is recommended by Shaw in Playing 1.e4 Sicilian Main Lines(Quality Chess 2018) with idea of Qg3 and a quick kingside attack being one of the main ideas.



Taimanov 7.Qf3 Ne5

Bundesliga 2018-19 rd1

Leko’s 13.h3 idea turned out poorly

After 20.Bc3(Diagram)

Black has an extra pawn while the Kd2 looks quite clumsy. The problem is Black is far behind in development and is uncastled

What do you recommend for Black?

(a)20..Qxd4 trading queens hoping that the isolated a-pawn is not a problem

(b)20..Qc6 going for the middlegame kill considering the wandering Kd2

(c)Something else

After 20,Bc3


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