TWIC 1253 Petroff Defence

Selected games

Here are some interesting games from the Women’s World Championship.



Petroff 6..Bd6-9.Qc2

WCh Women 2018 rd3.1

After 15..Nfd7(Diagram)

The 6..Bd6 is becoming quite a popular way to play the Petroff with the benefit of being solid and having less theory than 6..Nc6. The main line is 9.Nc3 but Muyzchuk got a good game with 9.Qc2

White has more space, the e-file and better development

What do you recommend for White?

After 15..Nfd7


Lagno-Lei Tingjie

Petroff 5.Bd3

WCh Women 2018 rd4

After 15..Qa5(Diagram)

5.Bd3 is a sideline that proved to be quite effective in this game without Black having to make any obvious blunders

White has been pushing hard on the kingside with g4-g5 but the centre is open and Black has no obvious weaknesses. The Qa5/Na6 are not doing much and Black has yet to complete development. White has Qd1/Bc1/Ra1 also sitting at home

What do you recommend for White?

After 15..Qa5

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