TWIC 1253 Caro-Kann Defence

Two Knights Variation

Selected games

There are two main ways to meet this line, 3..Bg4 and 3..Nf6 which is recommended by Fernandez,D in The Modernized Caro-Kann(Thinkers Publishing 2018)



Two Knights 3..Bg4

Bundesliga 2018-19 rd2

After 22..Nxc5(Diagram)

Black has staked his position on the speed of his queenside attack and left his king in the centre

What do you recommend for White?

After 22..Nxc5

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  1. Áll right then, my idea is:After trading knights, and d7 is unprotected, f5 with a mating threat, then f takes g, or something éven stronger if exists…

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