TWIC 1255 Sicilian Taimanov

Selected games



Taimanov 6.Bf4 d6

TCh-ROU Superliga 2018 rd2

The queen ending had a couple of interesting points.

Position 1

After 37..f4(Diagram)

White must decide what do do with the attacked queen

What do you recommend?

  • 38.Qa7+ active defence
  • 38.Qd3 passive defence
  • Something else

After 37..f4

Position 2

After 39.Qa7-f2(Diagram) This is a variation. (The game continuation was 39.Qd7? which lost quickly)

Black’s kingside majority is making more progress than the white queenside majority but against any slow play White has b3-b4 and will try to get a queenside passer for counterplay

What do you recommend for Black?

After 39.Qf2



Sicilian Taimanov 6.Qd3 Nf6

TCh-ROU Superliga 2018 rd1

The fast queen lift 6.Qd3 is a popular sideline with the idea of a quick Qg3 for a kingside attack.


After 29..Rxe4(Diagram)

White has an extra pawn a strong passed c-pawn and the d-file. However Black is resisting and is pressing both g-pawns

What do you recommend for White?

After 39..Rxe4

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