Premium Apartments Open 2018 Prize Winners

Premium Apartments Open – List of Prize Winners


1st absolute CSÁTI, Olivér

2nd absolute NÉMETH, Gergely

3rd absolute TO, Nath Minh

4th absolute FELMÉRY, Máté

5th absolute BALKA, Richárd


1st junior KRATZMAJER, Ákos

2nd junior FARKAS, Ottó Jr.

3rd junior SZALAY-ÖCSÁK, Bánk

Best senior TÖRÖK, Tamás Titusz



1st absolute KOVARIKOVA, Maria

2nd absolute CSERNYIK, Márk

3rd absolute NAGY, Miklós

4th absolute FORGÁCS, András


1st junior MÓRICZ, Nádja

2nd junior LAKATOS, Tamás

3rd junior BURI, Petra

Best senior SZENDEFF, Miklós



1st absolute SÓTI, Szabolcs

2nd absolute APJOK, Balázs

3rd absolute KULMAN, Alexander


Best junior TÓTH-MAGYAR, András

Best senior CSORBA, Rudolf

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