Coming sooner than you think!

Tournament Details

21–23 June 2019

Place & Time
Premium Apartments Conference Hall
44–46 Országbíró utca, Budapest 1139
21–23 June 2019 (from Friday to Sunday)

The tournament takes place at an easily accessible venue in the XIIIth district,
near Béke tér. Trams no. 12 and 14 as well as buses no. 32 and 105 pass by.

Tournament Form
Six-round Swiss-system tournament in three groups, under the FIDE Laws
of Chess in effect. Rate of play:
Group Time control
Group A 2 × 90 minutes + 30 second bonus per move
Group B 2 × 70 minutes + 30 second bonus per move
Group C 2 × 40 minutes + 30 seconds

Entry conditions
Pre-registration at Chief Organiser József Jeszenszky by e-mail to
sporty207@gmail.com, midnight 20 June 2019 the latest. We send
feedback to all entrants. Entry is conditional upon having valid FRD or
Hungarian playing license for 2019.

Registration is possible also at the venue, but as we can host a maximum of
90 players at the tournament, we recommend to register in time.

Entry fee
to be payed on the spot, before Round 1, between 2:30 and 4. p.m. Players
may enter the groups according to their rating, under the following

Group A– Over 1900 ELO
Rating Entry fee

  • titled players HUF 3000
  • Over 2100 HUF 5000
  • 1900–2099 HUF 6000

Group B – 1500–1899 ELO
Rating Entry fee

  • 1800–1899 HUF 4000
  • 1600–1799 HUF 5000
  • 1500–1599 HUF 6000

Group C – 0–1499 ELO
Entrants to Group C equally pay HUF 5000 Ft

Entry to a higher group with a lower rating is possible only with the
discretional consent of the organisers, for HUF 2000 extra charge, and
with maximum 100 ELO difference from the higher group’s lowest rating

Use of mobile phones and electronic devices
While their game is on, players must not have on them a mobile phone,
other communication device or any electronic device that is capable of
producing chess moves, even if it is switched off. If the player brings such a
device to the tournament venue, (s)he may keep it switched off in a bag or
coat to which (s)he has no access without the permission of the arbiter
until his/her game ends. Please note that the tournament venue is not
identical with the tournament hall. The venue includes the lobby, the
toilettes, and the smoking area, too. While their game is on, the players may
not leave the tournament venue without the arbiter’s consent.

The prize fund is HUF 200.000 including category prizes. Prizes are
guaranteed in case of at least 70 entrants. Category prizes are awarded only if
at least 3 players enter in the category (female, senior, youth). Money prizes
are not shared. Prizes are subject to taxes.

Place/Category Group A Group B Group C
Winner HUF 50.000 HUF 30.000 books, medal,
and certificate
for the first
three places
Runner-up HUF 30.000 HUF 20.000
3rd place HUF 20.000 HUF 10.000
4th place HUF 15.000 HUF 5.000
5th place HUF 10.000 –
Best non-awarded female player HUF 5.000
non-monetary prizes Best non-awarded senior (S60) HUF 5.000
Best non-awarded youth (U18) non-monetary prizes
Ties will be broken by Buchholz score, Direct encounter,
and Progressive score, in this order.

Organisers & Arbiters

József Jeszenszky

Tibor Benyeda

IA Miklós Orsó

Chief Arbiter
NA Zoltán Polyánszky-Tamási
Deputy Chief Arbiter

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