TWIC 1268 Caro-Kann Endgames

The latest issue of TWIC is now available

Selected games features the Caro-Kann endgame play



Exchange Caro-Kann

Aeroflot Open A 2019 rd1

After 36.Ra3(Diagram)

The a-pawn is attacked

What do you recommend for Black?


After 36.Ra3



Caro-Kann Advance 4.h4 h5 5.Bd3

Aeroflot Open A 2019 rd3

After 18.Ng5(Diagram)

Black has left his king in the centre but has some pressure on the d4-pawn

What do you recommend for Black now?

After 18.Ng5


Later in the game

After 30.Kxc1(Diagram)

Black demonstrated to superiority of the bishop over the knight and won effortlessly.

After 30.Kxc1

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