TWIC 1276 Spring Festival 2019 Endgames

Here is a couple of nice endgames from the Budapest Spring Festival



g3 Grunfeld Fluid Variation

Budapest Spring Open 2019 Rd7

After 18.Red1(Diagram)

There seems to be nothing much happening in this position, but Black won despite having two passive rooks

After 18-Red1


After 37.b4(Diagram)

White is showing some ambition on the queenside

What do you recommend for Black?

After 37.b4



King’s Indian

Budapest Spring Open 2019 Rd9

After 24..fxe6(Diagram)

This interesting decision to accept doubled pawns was what led me look deeper at this endgame. Black chose to keep control of the d-file rather than keep his structure intact

After 24..fxe6


Later in the game the rooks were exchanged


After 30.h4(Diagram)

A cursory look at the position with opposite colored bishops would suggest a draw would be likely

What do you recommend for Black?

After 30.h4





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