TWIC 1283 Sicilian 3.Bb5(+) Rossolimo/Moscow

selected games


Sielecki advocates the Bb5(+) Sicilian . Here are some interesting games from TWIC 1283.



Sicilian 3.Bb5 e6

18th Asian Continental rd3


After 19..Rg7(Diagram)

The Nc4 is under attack

What do you recommend for White?

After 19..Rg7



41st Nezhmetdinov Mem rd8

Sicilian 3.Bb5 g6


After 31.Nce3(Diagram)

Black has three pawns for a knight but for now White is shielding his king with a knight chain

What do you recommend for Black?

After 31.Nce3



Sicilian 3.Bb5+ Nc6

41st Nezhmetdinov Mem rd7

After 16.Bg2(Diagram)


The Nf6 is attacked

What do you recommend for Black? 16..Rxe5,16..dxe5 or maybe something else?


After 16.Bg2


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